Top 10 Best places you must visit in Hunza Valley

Top 10 places you must visit in Hunza Valley
Top 10 Best places you must visit in Hunza Valley

Top 10 Best places you must visit in Hunza Valley

This is the most famous and beautiful place in Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level, which makes it cooler than other parts of the country. This valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains on three sides and has a population of just 10,000 people.

Here are some of the best places to visit in this beautiful city:

1. Rakaposhi Peak


If you’re looking for a place to visit in Hunza Valley, Rakaposhi Peak is an excellent pick. It’s got beautiful views of the valley and spectacular mountain peaks, and there’s also a great hiking trail that takes you up to the top of the mountain. If you’re feeling energetic, you can do all three at once—the hike starts at about five thousand feet above sea level.

The best part about Rakaposhi Peak is that it’s free! You don’t need to pay an entrance fee or anything like that when you go out there, so it’s nice because people can visit the area without worrying about money or time constraints. The hike is only one hour long, so it won’t take too much time out of your day either!


2. Karimabad


Karimabad is a beautiful place to visit in the Hunza Valley. It’s a small town that features a monastery and a mosque, as well as an old fort built by the British. The Karimabad area is home to many unique, traditional homes that are scattered throughout the region. These homes are made from mud bricks, stone, and wood, and are painted with bright colors.

You’ll also see some great examples of Hunza’s architecture at Karimabad: there is a mosque that looks like it has been carved out of rock and sandstone; another one has a large dome on top of it. The third building is made from mud bricks that have been stacked up into rectangular blocks; it’s very different from your typical mud brick structure!

The main attraction here is definitely the fort built by the British in 1906—it’s still standing strong today. You’ll see many people walking around dressed in traditional clothing and carrying their belongings on their backs; these people are considered local artisans who sell their wares at marketplaces throughout Karimabad every day.

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3. Altit Fort


Altit Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hunza Valley. Situated on a hill, this fort was built by Mir Qasim in 1892. It is also known as Mirza Khan Fort and it has been renovated several times since then.

The area around the fort is not very large so if you want to visit this place, you should hurry up especially during summer when it gets super hot!


4. Baltit Fort


If you’re looking for a place to visit in Hunza Valley, you’ve got to check out the Baltit Fort.

The Baltit Fort is a historical site that was once used as a military fort during the British rule of Hunza. It is located on the hillside above the city of Hunza, and it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Hunza Valley.

You’ll find vendors selling souvenirs and clothing there, as well as restaurants that serve delicious food. The view from up there is absolutely stunning, so make sure you get up early before the crowds show up!

5. Attabad Lake


Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the Hunza Valley. It is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and is a popular tourist destination for trekkers and mountaineers. The lake is known for its unique beauty, and it’s also a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


6. Rush Lake


The Rush Lake is a beautiful lake in Hunza Valley. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Hunza Valley and it is located on the southern side of Baltistan region. This lake has a beautiful view with snow-capped mountains surrounding it. The water here is crystal clear, making it perfect for swimming, kayaking and other water sports activities.

The lake holds different species of fish and birds which are rare to see in Hunza Valley. You can also go fishing at this beautiful lake which provides you with some good fishing spots. There are also several hiking trails available around this place so you can enjoy your time there even more!


7. Sost Border


The Sost Border is a place where you can see the beautiful view of snow-covered mountains and breathe in the fresh air. It’s also a great place to visit if you’re looking for some adventure and want to try your hand at some high-altitude trekking.

If you’re looking for a nice place to relax after a long day of trekking, this is it! You can climb up the nearby mountains while enjoying the view of the valley below—it’s amazing!


8. Submit Gulmit


-The Gulmit valley is a beautiful and safe place to visit in Hunza Valley. The valley is located in the center of the mountain range and it has a lot of natural beauty.

-The Gulmit valley is located on the southern side of the mountain range and it has some beautiful mountains and valleys. There are many areas where one can enjoy nature’s beauty.

-If you are interested in visiting this place, you must book your tickets as early as possible because there is limited availability.


9. Borith Lake


Borith Lake is a beautiful place to visit in Hunza Valley. Borith Lake is located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level and is surrounded by lush green hills and forests. The landscape around the lake is very pleasant and gives the impression that you are in the middle of nowhere, but only a few kilometers away from the main road leading to Skardu.

The Borith Lake is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy nature and relax with your family or friends. You can also spend some time relaxing on one of the benches provided near the lake or just take a stroll around its surroundings as well.


10. Eagle Nest Duiker


The Eagle Nest Duiker is one of the most important spots in Hunza Valley. It is a beautiful place to visit and is located at the foot of the mountain. The place is named after a small bird called the eagle-nest duiker. This bird has two horns on its head and lives in the bushes near the river beds.

There are many other animals that can be seen here such as foxes, wild cats, monkeys, and deer. There are also many species of birds which include; pheasants, partridges, quails (Geese), pigeons, doves and ducks. You can also see a lot of butterflies around this place which are usually seen during spring season only


Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Skardu

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